Who is Bimbo Minx?

Hi there! My name is Bimbo Minx and I’m so happy that you stumbled across my website! I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you, and hope you will follow along my feminization journey with me!


To share a little bit about me, I grew up in the midwest of the United States and I’m a natural submissive that has been interested in the fetish and kink scene for most of my life. What started as a strong curiosity in my teenage years, has blossomed into a lifestyle for me. Beginning in 2022, I started serving Goddess Lilith and she has decided to turn me into her perfect little bimbo barbie doll. With her guidance, I’m being transformed from head to toe in what I can only imagine is the ultimate feminization and bimbofication. (thankfully some of my favorite kinks!)

Favorite Kinks

Speaking of kinks, some of of my favorites include:

  • Feminization (extreme)
  • Bimbofication (extreme)
  • Dollification
  • Bondage (Rope Bunny – Like being tied up and restrained with all sorts of materials. The more secure, the better)
  • Total Power Exchange (Submission to a dominant female)
  • Hypnosis (with a feminization / bimbofication emphasis)
  • and more? (currently exploring ♥)


This year (2022), with Goddess Lilith’s help, She’s been helping me explore the fetish scene in real life rather than just fantasizing from the sideline.

She’s taken me to my first industry event, the Alt Porn Awards in Hollywood. (Blog post here), and we also travelled internationally to XBIZ Berlin and the TES event in Prague! She’s also been having me cam for Her a bit. We did a couple different live play sessions together that was streamed on several adult platforms, and we even made a couple of clips together that should be released on Goddess Lilith’s clip stores soon! I also have my own clip store over on ManyVids so you can check out my content there as well!

My goal is to continue to serve Goddess Lilith and hopefully someday earn a precious collar that can be locked around my neck ^_^ But also, I very much wish to live out all my feminization and bimbofication fantasies along the way while I can.

It would be awesome to have you all along with the journey as I’m transformed over time, and I’m sure it will make for some interesting content!

Please make sure to follow my socials and keep in touch on Loyal Fans for news about all my latest activities!


Bimbo Minx ♥