My Fall Trip to Serve Goddess Lilith in Las Vegas in 2022

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Hey Friends! I just got back from serving Goddess Lilith and I’m so happy to share what the experience was like, and all the things I did while visiting! ♥️

Friday Night – Flying To Las Vegas

After finishing a full day of work, I grabbed my cute pink carry on bag and headed to the airport to begin my flight!

I’ve made this trip a few times now, but one difference that this time, I was traveling with all fem clothes, and I had a bunch of sex toys inside my luggage. (dildos, butt plugs, anal douche, lube…etc.) Thankfully since it was a redeye flight there wasn’t a lot of people in line at TSA, but to my luck, my suitcase got pulled aside for some additional inspection.

This means that I had to step aside with the TSA Agent while others walked by, and he opened my suitcase and proceeded to sift through my luggage with gloves on. I felt very embarrassed when he opened the compartment with all my toys, and I could see his facial expression change when he saw them.

After an awkward amount of silence and exchange glances with one another, he finally said “have a good day, miss” and let me on my way. Talk about embarrassing!!

A short 4 hour flight later, and I was in Sin City!

Saturday is for Slave Tasks and Servitude!

Starting the day with Lower Body Laser Hair Removal

I slept in a little bit on Saturday considering I didn’t get arrive in Vegas until 2:30am, but then I had to get ready for my second laser hair removal appointment for my entire lower body in the morning.

For those of you that don’t know yet, Goddess Lilith has me permanently removing all the hair on my feet, legs, bikini area, and booty so that I’m forever sissy smooth. Over the course of an hour, I engaged in chit chat with the friendly female esthetician who took great pleasure in zapping me all over. She even mentioned that I was handling the pain really well and that she was going to put a note in my account that I have a high pain tolerance. That way they can increase the intensity next time to really damage the hair follicles to help keep me smooth like a porn star forever🥵

bimbo minx after her laser hair removal (lower body)
Bimbo Minx After her Laser Hair Removal (Lower Body)

They also had me bend over on all fours, and spread my butt cheeks so that they could zap my butt crack and my booty hole! I was strangely comfortable doing that which looking back a few months, I definitely wouldn’t have been! I’m really becoming a bit of a bimbo slut.

Showing what I’m Maid of! (Maid Tasks)

Following the laser hair removal, I helped Goddess with unpacking from Her previous trips. This involved sorting clothes and putting away toiletries, food, and other gifts that were acquired over the trip.

Once the clothes were organized, I worked on vacuuming out the car, vacuuming the house, and cleaning the bathrooms. Basically just picture spending a good chunk of the day cleaning, vacuuming, and tidying up Goddess’ place ♥️ Working on my domestic servitude skills.

Lights, Camera, Action! (Streaming)

In the evening, Goddess and I did some streaming over on Live Unicorns where I was essentially Her little bimbo doll to play with on stream. There was a tip menu where people could tip to have Goddess spank me, paddle me, use toys on me, and just order me around on stream.

In addition to the tip menu, She had me try and do a sexy dance to “Barbie Girl by Aqua, and “Just A Girl” by No Doubt. (In case you need a reminder of those songs, here are the videos below 😅)

Barbie Girl – Aqua
Just A Girl – No Doubt

I believe the clip is still live over on Goddess Lilith’s Live Unicorn Page if you’d like to check it out!

Sissy Dress Up on Chaturbate!

Following that Live Unicorn stream, we hopped over on Chaturbate to keep the momentum rolling! Goddess had picked up some cute bimbo clothes for me, so we did a bit of a fashion show in front of a hundred viewers to see how they looked! Goddess loves to dress me up and show me off as Her doll, and I love the !

We tried on a handful of different outfits, including different bras, panties, nighties, and a cute pink romper!

I also did a bit of dildo play to continue working on my oral skills as a good bimbo should. Goddess says I still need plenty of work unfortunately, so hopefully you all can help train me further on my streams, and offer encouragement online ♥️

Lastly, Goddess had me finish out my Saturday night by putting in some more time streaming since my fans normally expect me to be online Fridays and Saturdays, and I need to work for Her. This kept me busy past midnight before I was finally allowed to go to bed for the night.

No Rest For Sissies on Sundays!

On Sunday, I also didn’t sleep in very much, and we were busy by 10am.

I woke up and cleaned up the guest room where I stayed, and packed most of my things. Then finished up cleaning the guest bathroom and a few other areas that we didn’t have time to do on Saturday.

Then we also filmed another clip together featuring a bit of tickle torture 🥵

Tickle Torture + Bondage = Lots of Squirming + Pleas for Help

We had another live streaming show that afternoon, and for this show, Goddess had restrained me on the bed where I was spread eagle in my bra and panties, where she proceed to put me through a good amount of tickle torture!

After about 30 minutes of being in that position, we then turned back to camming some more where I did a few strip teases, and did some booty teases on cameras for people. (i think we made a few fail No Nut November!)

We’ll be releasing the video of that in the near future, but we did get a few cute snaps and pictures during the stream!

Furthering my role as a Bimbo Secretary

After all the streaming, I finished cleaning up the stream area and putting the Guest Bedroom back into the state it was before I arrived.

Then Goddess and I met downstairs to talk about additional tasks and responsibilities She expects me to help out with going forward. I’ll be helping out with some recruiting and on-boarding Adult Models on various platforms, helping assist with some website design, working on content creation more, and some other fun tasks I’m sure I’ll be able to share more about later.

Essentially i’ll be restructuring my streaming schedule a bit, mostly just streaming Friday and Saturday Nights on Chaturbate, and then i’ll be focusing on a combination of secretarial and offline content creation a bit too! (like making more clips and fan club content)

Traveling Back Home

Eventually I had to head back to the airport where I then proceeded to make the long journey home. I ended up arriving back at the house at about 2:30am and then had to wake up at 7:00am to go visit my doctor about updating my bimbo vitamins (teaser, I got progesterone added to my regimen ^___^)

I hope you all enjoyed the peek into my little weekend adventure, and I hope that this shows that visiting a Dominatrix isn’t all rest and relaxation! It’s often very busy, and not all fun and games ♥️ Expect to put forth a great amount of effort, especially during slave training ^___^