Forced Feminization – A Permanent Reminder of Her New Life

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Goddess Lilith asked me this week to talk about one of my forced feminization fantasies, and what better than to talk about an imagined scene related to my ear piercings that I just got! I hope you enjoy!

I wake up in Goddess’ house dressed in a cute pink nightie, and see Her eagerly waiting in the bedroom doorway.

“Minx, remember those earrings that I got you on My trip overseas?”

“Yes Goddess, of course! Thank You again for the very cute earrings! I just wish I could wear them for You”

“Well my cute little bimbo, I think today’s the day we fix that issue! get dressed because we’re going to go see a friend of Mine to get your ears pierced!”

I look over at Goddess still a bit groggy eyed from just waking up, but wasn’t sure if I heard Her right or if I was just dreaming.

“Wait, are we really getting my ears pierced today Goddess?”

“Yes Minx, now chop chop. we’re leaving soon and you still need to make sure that you’re properly dressed and plugged before we head out. No need to do your makeup though.”

That’s odd, normally Goddess always inspects my makeup before we go anywhere, but I’m a bit grateful for the less work. I put on my pink bra and panty set, and wear a cute skirt and top to complete the innocent girly girl look. Then I grab a little bit of lube, and gradually fill my boipussy with the largest butt plug that I currently own.

I always feel super naughty when wearing a plug, and even more so when I wear it out of the house. I feel so slutty when I unconsciously wiggle when sitting due to how it feels.

But now that I’m properly dressed for an outing, I walk downstairs and tell Goddess that I’m ready.

“Good, took you long enough Bimbo. let’s get a move on. I can’t wait for you to meet My friend!”

I walk over and open the car door for Goddess as I’ve been trained, and then take seat in the back seat and settle in for the ride.

After driving 15 minutes, we pull up in front of a well lit storefront that had flashing signs advertising tattoos and piercings.

“I thought we were just going to the mall or something Goddess?” I say to Her quizzically.

“Nonsense, those ear piercing shops are terrible and I don’t intend to have some high school student ruin My dolls ears.”

Goddess notices my apprehension and grabs my hand and pulls me inside.

We walk up to the counter where an attractive girl with dyed green hair and several tattoos and piercings gleams with happiness at the sight of Goddess.

“Kate! it’s so good to see you!! it’s been too long!”

Goddess Lilith and Kate hug one another and continue the conversation

“So is this the bimbo you were telling me about?” she glances over at me and looks me up and down as if she’s inspecting a canvas

They step away from me and head further into the shop for a bit. As I’m about to follow, Goddess sternly says “Have a seat Minx. We’ll be back in a minute.”

I hear them talking but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. After about 10 minutes, they finally come back to the lobby, with grins on their face.

“Alright Minx, we’re ready! We just need you to sign this consent forms here before we can get started”

informed consent form for tattoos and piercings
Informed consent form for tattoos and piercings

Kate hands over a clipboard to me containing several pages, and she points to the spot at the bottom of two pages needing a signature. “We’ll also need a copy of your ID for our records.”

I pull the ID out of my purse and hand it to her, and as I’m starting to read the paperwork, I notice Goddess glancing over at me seemingly annoyed.

“Minx, do you really think a Bimbo like yourself is going to understand that legal contact? it’s just a consent form saying that you are agreeing to the services here today. You trust me right?”

Now if I say no, I know I’m going to be in big trouble….

“I know Goddess, but this seems like a lot of forms just for a ear piercing”

“This is standard for tattoo shops. The fact that they have this paper work shows that they are better than just so some random shop that does services for anybody that walks off the street.”

I guess She’s right there. Paperwork and consent forms is normally a sign of a business that is careful about their practices. Not wanting to make the situation worse in front of Her friend, I turn to the back page and sign the papers at the spots indicated.

Just as I’m setting down the clipboard, Kate walks back over with my ID and hands it to Goddess, and flips through the consent pages and smiles at my signatures.

“Good Girl! looks like we’re all set!”

“Now if you’ll just follow me, we’re going to be working right up front today.”

They guide me over to the tattoo chair that’s directly in front of the store window where everyone is able to look as they walk by, or when they enter the store.

“Now if you’ll undress to your bra and panties, we can get started.”

I turn to Goddess to see if She’s serious.

“Wait, I need to get undressed for an ear piercing? that seems kind of odd, right Goddess?”

“Minx, stop being such an airhead. Of course you have to. What would we do if your ear starts to bleed and it gets all over your pretty clothes? Now get undressed before you earn yourself a bigger punishment tonight”

I wince at the thought of the last big punishment Goddess gave me and decide it’s not worth it. I take off my top and skirt and neatly fold them in a chair next to the window. I then climb up on the chair and hope this doesn’t take long since I’m practically naked and one guy already walked by and snickered at me.

Kate walks over and starts to make some marks on my ears and measures the distances so that both ears match. Shen then picks up a tong and compresses my lobes and says “are you ready?”

I nod and say “Yes, I’m ready”.

“Good girl! alright here we go!. 3….2….” and pierces me on 1.

that wasn’t so bad I thought, and expected her to go to the other ear, but she moves the tongs up a bit, and then pierces the same ear again. and then a third time!

“Goddess, i thought we were just getting the one piercing?” i say a bit panicked

“Kate had a few ideas and I couldn’t help agree to them. Don’t worry your little mind about it. You will love everything that is going to be done today. We have a full day ahead of us so get comfortable”

“wait, what do You mean?”

As I’m distracted talking to Goddess, Kate grabs my hand secures it to the tattoo chair arm, and then Goddess quickly grabs the other and does the same. Kate then grabs a pink strap and runs it underneath my boobs and secures my top to the chair, and then runs another strap right above my knees and secures my legs to the bottom of the chair.

“There. now don’t get any bright ideas or we’ll have to put the ball gag in as well. Got it, Minx?” Goddess says sternly.

Look of fear comes across my eyes and I nod obediently.

Kate then walks around and does the three matching piercings on my left side, and then holds up a mirror for me to see the results.

I now have 3 pink rhinestone earrings in each of my ears and it looks positively feminine. No guy would ever have piercings like this in his ear. I don’t think I’ve seen many women with pink rhinestone earrings for that matter. It seems like something a teenage girl would get.

“Now don’t try to remove these, we put thread lock on them since we thought you might be tempted to remove them once you leave. These are to be left in for a minimum of 4 months, and then we will help change them out for something more appropriate. Like some big bimbo hoop earrings.”

“Alright let’s get your nipples pierced next.”

“Goddess, can we talk about this? I’m not sure I’m ready for all of this” I say as I’m panicking about how I’m going to undo this before I head back home.

Goddess looks over disappointed.

“I’m sorry Kate, i thought I had trained her better than to question her female superiors. She’s definitely in need of those extra services we had talked about. I think it’s about time she realizes that this isn’t just a weekend adventure. This is her new life.”

With that she walks over with the pink ball gag in hand and pushes the ball into my mouth and tightens the straps behind my head. Once it’s clasped, i realize there’s no shaking it out.

“Alright, where were we… Nipple piercings right? We were thinking of the hoops, right Goddess?”

“Yes, I think that would be perfect. that way I can pull on them and tease her a bit”

Kate then preps the needle and pierces it through my left nipple.

“Mgghhhgmmmmmm” i groan into the ball gag in pain

I watch as Kate puts more of the thread lock and glue onto the nipple hoop and puts it through my nipple.

She then grabs the next one and pierces my right nipple too. again gluing the hoop together to make these new hoops part of my permanent attire.

“Those look so cute Minx! We should have done this weeks ago! I also heard that nipple piercings can make you more sensitive and might even make your nipples grow a bit, so that’ll be fun for us both, don’t you think?!”

“Mghgghmmmm” i say as I try to disagree in my gag.

“Aww, I’m glad you like them too! What’s next Kate, the belly button piercing?”

“I think so! that should be the last piercings before we get started on the tattoos.”

Wait, tattoos? I attempt to squirm in my chair a bit but realize it’s useless.

A group of girls walk by and look in the shop and start laughing at me tied up on the chair. They take out their camera and take a couple of pictures before moving along.

I try to look at Goddess pleadingly but she just smiles back and takes a couple photos herself.

Kate then grabs the belly button piercing needle and after sanitizing the area and lining up the guide, she pierces the belly button in one swift motion. She then adorns the new hole with a cute pink heart belly button ring. This looks like the kind of piercing only a teenage girl would get.

“There, that wasn’t so bad!”

“So Goddess picked out a few tattoos for you today, and initially we were only going to do one, but since you have been a naughty girl, we’re going to be doing a few at all once”

“First up i think we need to give you a cute tattoo so that you get rid of any of those notions that your anything but a submissive and breedable little girl.”

She grabs a sheet of stencil paper and brings it over to me and places it on my lower abdomen.

I try to look what she’s doing, but can’t get a good look due to the restraints.

Shortly after stenciling the design onto my stomach, Goddess walks over and looks, and she nods and smiles over to Kate to proceed.

Kate begins to tattoo the design onto my stomach, and I was helpless to do anything but sit there and endure it.

This is permanent! how am I going to hide this? Is this even possible to get removed? thoughts rattle inside my head as I just listen to the buzzing of the tattoo needle.

womb tattoos
feminine womb tattoo – pink and black

After what seemed like a couple of hours, she stops and offers Goddess a chance to see it before she cleans and covers it.

Goddess takes a photo and holds it in front of my face. “What do you think, Minx? I’ve never seen a boy with a succubus womb tattoo before, but surely that must make you feel more feminine, It’s only appropriate given your little clitty size and how much butt play you’ve been doing recently”

Kate’s already putting the black tattoo film over the tattoo and covering it so that it heals nicely.

“I think we should flip her over now, don’t you think?”

Oh yes, we should get onto the fun stuff!

They undo my restraints and while keeping me held down so I don’t get any ideas, and then redo the restraints so I’m unable to go anywhere.

“Alright, I think every bimbo needs a lower back tattoo, don’t you agree?” Kate says as she looks over at Goddess Lilith

“Oh absolutely. Especially a bimbo like Minx. She is always craving attention and this will guarantee that she gets a bunch of it.”

She pulls over another stencil and repeats the process, and after another painful round of buzzing, I’m shown the end result.

cute bow tattoo - tramp stamp
Cute Bow Tattoo – Tramp Stamp

“Mghgmmmgm” i moan into the ball gag that has been in my mouth for hours at this point.

Goddess walks over a bit amused and takes the ball gag out of my mouth so that I can talk.

“What was that my little Minx?”

I strain my neck trying to look at Her, and say pleading. “Goddess please, how am I supposed to hide all of this stuff? This is so slutty and I’m never going to be able to take my shirt off around others ever again”

“Minx – I told you I was serious about making you into my Bimbo Doll, and I’ll mold you the way that I see fit. Besides, YOU agreed to all this remember? The contract that you signed when we first met where YOU, not me, said you wanted Me to transform you. Not to mention the consent forms YOU signed when we walked in that agreed to all these tattoos and to be used as marketing material for Kate here!”

Wait, marketing material? I don’t recall agreeing to anything like that… I again try to look over to Goddess and see she’s waiting for an answer.

“Yes Goddess, I’m sorry…. I’m just a bit overwhelmed and this is all so permanent…” I say a bit defeated with a tear forming in my eye.

“I know My doll…but you know that I know what’s best for you right? and besides, I think you secretly enjoy this a lot” as rubs her finger nail next to my chastity cage and down my thighs.

“You will show this off to all your fans whether you want to our not, because that is what I want My doll to do.”

I quiver with a bit of excitement and twitch in my chair a bit.

“Alright, just one more tattoo for today, i think we’ll come back and do the rest another time.”

I cringe at the thought of having my body inked with more feminine tattoos.

“Now this last tattoo is really special, and is something I only give to slaves that I intend to hold onto for a long time. It’s My ownership mark and if someone sees this on you, they will know that you belong to Me.”

They pull down my panties and clean an area on my left butt cheek. Another stencil is placed and transferred on to my skin and before I know it, they are inking a design onto my booty.

“and we are done! good girl Minx – you did great today! I’m so thankful you agreed to let us record and share photos of these tattoos wherever we please!”

Goddess finally shows me a picture of my last tattoo and it’s a feminine looking heart tattoo with some sort of vigil around it.

The whole design is cute and pretty, but the symbolism behind it is a lot to take in.
“What does this mean Goddess?” I saw with a bit of nervousness in my voice.

“I’ve decided that I want to own you, Minx. and this is a permanent collar that you can never remove”

“I had Kate here use a special ink that is resistant to tattoo removal, and the sigil / design has a unique pattern just to you. So if anyone takes a picture of it, it’ll just tell them where and who to return you too. Isn’t that amazing!? Think of it sort of like a QR code for the kink world, and you now are forever linked as My property.”

I realize that I’ve essentially just been marked as her property and I’m filled with a mixture of different emotions. Fear and Anxiety, but also excited that she has finally decided to take our D/s relationship to the next level.

“Thank You Goddess” I say as she begins to undo my restraints let me out of the chair.

We walk back up to the lobby but as I start to head towards the door to open it for Goddess, but as I do, she looks at me with a questioning expression.

“We’re not done yet Minx, come follow us to the back of the store.”

I let the door close shut and follow Goddess and Kate to this other area of the parlor that looks like a doctor’s room.

“Come have a seat Minx! This is going to be so much fun!

I cautiously walk over to the new chair and take a seat as I’m wondering what sort of setup this is.

“Goddess mentioned that you were struggling a bit with your makeup a bit, so we thought it would be great to help you out!”

Permanent Makeup?!? they can’t be serious. they are really going to tattoo my face?!

“Goddess Please! Let’s hold off on this. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Goddess just shakes her head.

“Again with the questioning and the outbursts? Do you think now is really the time to take a stand after you’ve been marked as My property, and have multiple piercings in your ears, a belly button piercing, a womb tattoo, and a tramp stamp?”

“Sit down in the chair and don’t move, or you’ll really end up with a result you’re not happy with…”

Defeated I sit down on the chair which is swiftly reclined so that I’m laying down, and a light is moved above my face so that Kate has a perfectly lit canvas to work on.

“Just relax Minx, you’ll be fine! we’ve done this on hundreds of other girls and they all love the results!”

She cleans my skin and makes sure everything is perfect for her to begin tattooing me.

Minutes later she starts back up for what is sure to be another long and painful process.

permanent makeup application
Young Beautiful Woman Having Permanent Make-up (Tattoo) on her Lips.

She starts working on my lips as i feel the sharp needles tingling my mouth.

“We’re giving you a nice candy pink color on your lips which any bimbo would love to have!”

Next she moves to my eyes and begins giving me a nice thick eyeliner application. She then moves to my eyelids to apply eye shadow. Then to my cheeks to give them a little blush… The whole process felt like a very long professional makeup session, albeit much more painful, and much longer lasting…

Finally after a while I hear the tattoo gun stop, and she walks over to grab me a mirror so that I can see my face.

bimbo makeup
Bimbo Permanent Makeup

“OMG! I…. I…. look like a Bimbo!” I say stunned as I see the reflection looking back at me.

“You sure do, my beautiful Bimbo Doll!” Goddess says with glee

“You look absolutely beautiful dear!”

“Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to worry about having to do makeup anymore? Yours was always getting messed up and smeared at the clubs anyways”

“Now, what do you say to Kate for all the hard work that she did here today?”

“Thank you Kate….”

“Thank you for what?” Goddess says as she expects me to be more specific..

“Thank you Kate for helping make me into a perfect bimbo doll for Goddess. I…I love the permanent makeup that you gave me, as well as all the feminine tattoos and piercings. You do great work”

I can’t help but stare at the mirror in front of me as I barely recognize myself

“Your so welcome, Minx! thanks again for letting us record all this and use this for marketing material! we’ll be sure to reach out to Goddess if we need you to come back in for any additional photos. Don’t be surprised if you see your face on a billboard or internet ad real soon!”

I turn back over to Goddess and almost expecting another curve ball to get thrown my way.

“Well, I think that’s enough pampering for one day! Come along my little bimbo, we still have the night ahead of us and I’m sure a lot of the people at the clubs will love your new look!”

And with that we leave the tattoo parlor, and head back to the car while I buckle in for whatever is about to happen next.

To Be Continued?….