How I’m being Forcibly Feminized and Sissified in 2022


It seems like a lot of people are interested in hearing about my journey of being forcibly feminized and sissified! It’s been quite the year so far, and my journey is only getting started. But i think to give you all a full picture of how I got to where I am today, we should circle back to the beginning.

How did your Feminization and Sissification Journey Begin?

I’m sure I’m similar to a lot of the other sissies out there when I say that I love to fantasize about feminization. For me, I began reading TG (transgender) erotica when i was around 13, and I’ve been enjoying it every since! Eventually, I kept chasing the rush and started to want more and more. From wearing panties, bras, painting nails, shaving, dressing fem…etc. It all made me so excited, which lead me to eventually seeking out a Dominant / Mistress to help assist me on my journey.

forced feminization consent form - dom/sub contract
Forced Feminization and Forced Sissification Consent Form – Dom/sub contract

That’s eventually how I met Goddess Lilith and after a bit of getting to know one another, we both seem to really enjoy the thought of making me into Her perfect little sissy bimbo barbie doll. I might have been thinking a bit with my wrong head in the beginning, because I told Her that I wanted to be completely transformed and I was a blank canvas for Her to do what She likes with me. From there, it’s been her driving and pushing me further and further into womanhood and sissyhood, and I have no say in the matter.

How have you been forcibly feminized this year?

There’s been a lot of changes so far this year, but here is a good breakdown of how I’ve been feminized this year:

  • Currently on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to become more feminine
    • 10+ months on hormones at this point!
    • Working on looking more feminine for Goddess, and it’s crucial to the transformation process
  • Underwent Laser Hair Removal
    • Completed six Sessions of Laser Hair Removal on my face to get rid of my facial hair (forever smooth now) so Goddess has a better canvas to apply makeup on.
    • Completed two sessions of lower body laser hair removal (feet, legs, booty, bikini) so I’m more presentable on cam for Goddess. 8 sessions remain, and will have a few more before the year is over!
    • I’ll also be starting to have my underarms zapped as well!
  • Sissy Smooth all the time!
    • Granted Laser Hair removal isn’t immediate, but I probably shave way more than I ever did as a guy to make sure I’m hairless for Goddess
    • I shave my body once or twice weekly to make sure I’m smooth for when I have to cam, or for any unexpected moments from Goddess (random checks).
  • Salon Visits – Growing Hair out and Eyebrows Shaped
    • I’m no longer able to get my hair cut without Goddess’ permission. We’re growing it out until Goddess is happy with it
    • I have monthly eyebrow waxing appointments, and my brows are now thin and arched and completely feminine.
  • Got my Ears Pierced
  • Wearing Feminine Apparel 24/7
    • I am required to wear female clothing all the time now, including panties and bras, and female clothing everyday now
    • I do daily checkin’s with Goddess to show that I’m following Her orders
    • I’m also getting rid of my male wardrobe all together
  • Chastity 🔐
    • Goddess Lilith has kept me locked in chastity for over half of the year at this point.
    • I was locked up for about 140 days prior to October, and after a ruined orgasm, I’ve been locked back up for another 22 days so far.
    • Pretty much in permanent chastity at this point, and Goddess is my keyholder
  • I Bought and Used My First Naughty Toys
    • I bought and used my first dildo(s) and butt plugs
    • I was an anal virgin up until this year, and yesterday I just rode my first dildo on stream
    • currently wear butt plugs and continue to stretch myself as per Goddess’ request (She has some plans for the future)
    • I also give myself an enema with a anal douche before stream to make sure I’m clean and don’t have any accidental mishaps
    • I also bought a set of BDSM toys for use on stream and clips (Wrist and Ankle Cuffs, Collar and Leash, Nipple Clamps, Ball Gag, Blindfold, Bondage Rope…etc.)
  • I Became a Cam Girl / Clip Model
    • Goddess Lilith had me begin camming for Her, and I’ve done all sorts of activties on stream for strangers and admirers
    • She has been virtually “pimping me out” as a way to fund and fuel my sissy bimbo transformation.
      • Some funds go towards my breast implants
      • Some funds go towards our adventures together or furthering my feminization
      • The rest goes to Goddess
    • I’ve also been featured in a few clips and videos that have been posted online that will live out on the internet forever.
  • Sissy Exposure
    • In addition to Camming, Goddess has been having a lot of fun showing me off as Her bimbo fem subbie.
    • We went to a few adult industry events including the Alt Star Awards, XBIZ Berlin, and TES Affiliate Conference in Prague
      • At these events I wore a few cute dresses out in public and walked the red carpet with Goddess while photographers took photos of us
      • I should say, that She walked the red carpet, and I crawled the red carpet since I followed behind her on my hands and knees. Even while photos were being taken.
    • I’ve created social media accounts, fan page accounts, and even this blog where I share pics of me being a sissy with the world. Thousands of people have seen me being a Sissy at this point, and some people even call me Bimbo Minx in real life (at industry events)
  • Working on Getting Breast Implants
    • I met with a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants for Trans individuals back in the summer.
    • I told them I wanted to get breast implants as large as safely possible, per Goddess’ request, and that’s what is in my medical chart 🥰
    • The surgery is scheduled for February 17th!

What’s Next?

To be honest, I’m not sure what Goddess all has in mind for me in terms of furthering my feminization. I know I’ll be completing my Laser Hair Removal (LHR), continuing my HRT, and working on getting my breast implants. But I have a suspicion Goddess has plenty of other ideas to make me more feminine, and I’m completely at Her mercy 💖

When I asked Her about future feminization plans, she simply responded with this:

“We’re just getting started Minx, and we have lots of surprises coming”

Goddess Lilith

A few other things in motion:

  • Getting Rid of my Male Wardrobe
  • Getting My Name Legally Changed
  • Attending AVN and attending a few special parties around new years
  • Breast Implants (Scheduled for Feb 2023)
  • Trachea Shave (Scheduled for April 2023)

Do you have Forced Feminization Ideas For Me?

If there are things that you would like to see done to me, or if you have any custom clip ideas, please reach out to Goddess Lilith and let Her know! You can message Her on Loyal Fans and She might be able to make that a reality!