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Goddess Lilith and Bimbo Minx attend XBIZ Berlin and TES 2022!

Hey everyone, It’s so good to be back! I just returned from my trip to XBIZ Berlin and the TES Affiliate Conference with Goddess Lilith, and I had so much fun! I have so many exciting stories to share with you all, and can’t wait to tell you more about what it’s like accompanying a Goddess to these events!

First up, let’s talk about how our XBIZ and TES events went!

XBIZ Berlin Trip Recap

This was the first XBIZ that I have attended, but Goddess Lilith is a veteran of the industry and has been to a number of these events in the past. Just recently, she won the “Best Fetish Cam Model” of the year at XBIZ Miami, and was featured in several article posts as well showcasing Her achievement! For those that haven’t heard of XBIZ before, they are essentially X-Rated business news, or news for the adult industry. Unfortunately, the one draw back to attending XBIZ Berlin was that it was a very long flight over to Berlin Germany from Vegas.

As Goddess’ submissive, I was responsible for coordinating all the travel plans, including hotel, flight, and transit. So there was a lot of pressure on me to make sure that things go smoothly. Basically furthering my role as a Bimbo Secretary ♥

Once we arrived at the airport, i was tasked to carry the bulk of Goddess’ luggage. For example, I carried around Her backpack in addition to my own, and an additional one of Her bags. I’m sure I looked like a pack mule by passerby! I’m glad i was in fairly decent shape because it was definitely a workout! I must have had an extra 50-75 pounds i was carrying around throughout the entire airport, so it’s good to be fit if physically serving a Dominant in real life.

Once we made it on the plane, Goddess had the pick of the available seating and I took the worse of the two spots as a good submissive should. Fast forward 14 hrs of long travel later, we finally made it to the venue and were able to crash for the night! We had arrived at XBIZ Berlin!

What was the XBIZ Berlin event like?

Once the event started, we had activities lined up around the clock!

We filmed some content together with a special guest (stay tuned for future clips!), attended industry seminars, and explored the nightlife as well! It was so great to hear from other members of the industry, and we tried to make the most of the networking opportunities available. I even had Bimbo Minx business cards made up to give to individuals!

Serving a Goddess and/or dominant in a setting like this isn’t that much unlike other IRL settings. However I did feel a bit of pressure as to not disappoint Her in front of her peers and colleagues. Basically I was Her sub to show off as She pleased, and was Her errand girl to fetch things and complete tasks as needed. Sometimes I would refill Her drinks, fetch Her food, attend conferences that She was interested in but had conflicts and couldn’t attend…etc.

I feel like i did an alright job, but I do have to admit that I still made several errors / mistakes. Once she asked me to get Her a glass of water half full, but the bartender gave me a full glass. Instead of pouring half of it out and then presenting it to Her, I had given Her the full glass. She then had me kneel down in a public area, and She poured the extra on my head. Lesson learned, pay attention to what Your Goddess/Master says and do exactly as requested. Don’t assume or you too may end up with water on your head.

She also had accidentally left her purse down in the lobby, and asked me to fetch it, however I didn’t see it and came back empty handed. Later She went down and found it in the place where She asked me to look. This lead to some justifiable punishment and if Goddess / Dominant asks you to do something, make sure it’s done very thoroughly and accurately. Don’t just glance throughout the lobby like I did, move seat cushions and everything to cover all the bases before coming back empty handed.

Moving on from my mistakes, i feel it was still overall a fairly successful trip, and our XBIZ Berlin adventure was really focused around the XBIZ Europa Awards and our late night clubbing <3

XBIZ Europa Cam Awards

On one night of XBIZ Berlin, they had their Europa Cam Awards where we both got dolled up and headed over to the red carpet event! We had a makeup artist do our makeup for the event, and it was super fun! this was my first time actually getting my makeup professionally done, and i think it turned out pretty cute!

I wore a cute pink sparkly dress and heels to the event, along with collar, lead, and wrist cuffs. Goddess Lilith was wearing a very striking dress as well since She was presenting two awards on stage! For the red carpet walk, She walked through first and had Her interview solo, and then we walked through together. I was on my hands and knees like before, at the alt porn awards, and even did my interview while on my knees like a submissive talking to their superiors! it was really exciting.

The funny part was that the redcarpet event was outside, so there were some vanilla town folks who were watching this happen, including some teenagers. They gave an audible “WTF” when they saw Goddess pulling me along, and even made some “woof woof” dog noises like i was a bitch. It was pretty funny and a bit exciting ♥

goddess lilith and bimbo minx - xbiz berlin - europa awards show 2022
goddess lilith and bimbo minx – xbiz berlin – europa awards show 2022

I can’t wait to see the photos get published! I’ll be sure to update this article once they are available and distributed!

Berlin Nightlife

Outside of the event, I feel like one of the my favorite parts of Berlin though was the nightlife. Goddess Lilith and I went clubbing almost every night, and we hit a total of 5 clubs in 3 nights. We went to the Kit Kat Club (Fetish Club), the Weekend Club, Berghain, Matrix, and Trasor. These places were legendary and put to shame anything that I have back home!

We literally danced the night away, and on Saturday we stayed out until 6am the next morning! Some of the best clubs I have ever been too.

If you love techno and electronic music like I do, Berlin should be a place on your bucket list for some point in the future! Most of these venues put stickers over your cell phone cameras as to prevent individuals from taking photos, so sadly i can’t share anything with you guys ^__^ The reason they do this is so that individuals can feel free to enjoy themselves without worrying about photos showing up on the web.

The nights went by quick, as well as our entire stay in Berlin!

TES Affiliate Conference – Prague

Following the XBIZ Event, we then took the Train to Prague which was really pretty! Unfortunately they didn’t give us seat assignments on our first class tickets, which was pretty dumb. So we had to keep jumping around after the first few stops to give our spot to new passengers. However after the first couple stations, we were then able to settle in for the trip.

The TES Affiliate conference is a bit more of a corporate event rather than for individual performers. So although there wasn’t as much for me to do at this conference, it was still fun! There were a lot of really informative sessions, and I learned more about to how to promote my brand, improve blog/website traffic, and how to better network with fellow adult industry professionals.

On one of our afternoons in Prague, Goddess Lilith and I went downtown for a day and I did some sight seeing while She caught up with a friend. For me, Walking around Prague was breathtaking and I had no idea it was such a beautiful city before hand.

bimbo minx sight seeing in prague - 2022
Bimbo Minx Sight Seeing in Prague – 2022

YNOT Awards 2022 – Europe

On one of the nights at the TES Event, we had went to the YNOT awards and were treated to a VIP dinner experience, thanks to Goddess’ connections ♥

We were both dressed up for this event as well, and I wore a cute blue dress along with my collar and leach. This venue was by far one of the fanciest places that I have ever been to, and it felt like we were Roman royalty while there!

picture of ynot awards 2022 venue - prague 2022
Picture of YNOT Awards 2022 Venue – Prague 2022

We were treated to a very great dinner before the show started, as well as complementary wine and champagne to start the night off right!

There was also a few photo shoots that were done, and we’re still waiting for those pictures to be posted as well, but in the meantime, enjoy a more candid photo that was taken of us to represent our time at TES <3

goddess lilith and bimbo minx - tes affiliate conference event lobby - prague 2022
goddess lilith and bimbo minx – tes affiliate conference event lobby – prague 2022

This whole adventure was such a blast and I was thankful for all the opportunities provided by XBIZ, TES Affililate Conferences, and the YNOT Team.

The Trip Home

Following both the XBIZ Berlin and TES Affiliate conference, it was sadly time to return home. Rather than me going directly back to my home in the midwest, I accompanied Goddess Lilith back to Vegas for the sole purpose of serving Her and assisting with Her bags, unpacking, and giving her massages to ease her travel discomfort.

This added an extra 6 hours to my travel, but it was worth it knowing that I was able to make Goddess’ life just a little bit easier!

While at Her place, we also filmed some additional content together! We did a duo stream together on Streamate, where I was subject to some punishments (spanking, paddling, nipple clamps, sucking on Her strap on, and wearing bone face harness). This was a chance to make amends for my previous mistakes, and to let Goddess enjoy herself a bit <3

I also wore my french maid dress for a bit and cleaned both the master and guest bathrooms before I left for my trip back home. It was a very busy extra 2 days to the adventure, but it comes with the territory of being a submissive/wannabe Slave. At the end of the day, you are there to make Your Dominant’s life easier, and that often comes as a trade off for your own relaxation. It’s not all fun and play ^__^

I feel like i could likely write an article on each event session that we went to, but that might be better to talk about on cam one day for those that are interested <3

If you have any questions or are curious about anything in particular about our travels together, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our Dom / sub dynamic!