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Meeting Goddess Lilith for the first time ♥

So for those of you that know, i (Bimbo Minx) had the pleasure of meeting Goddess Lilith in person in June! Honestly it was one of the best trips of my life!

Traveling to Burbank for the Alt Porn Awards

flight to burbank
Flight to Burbank

We had been talking almost every day prior to the adventure, and when the day came, i flew out to Las Vegas to met up with Her. We would be catching the same connecting flight in Las Vegas out to Burbank for the Alt Porn Awards, so travel wise it actually worked out pretty good. This was my first time to LAS and the airport was crazy busy for whatever reason. Like 40 minute wait to get some food at one of the restaurants kind of busy. It seemed like everyone was traveling due to it being the beginning of summer, and people wanted to make up for lost time from the pandemic.

So after texting back and forth a bit, and getting familiar with the airport, She said She was by the gate and I headed over to meet Her. As i arrived at the gate, I noticed that She was sitting in the middle of the crowded gate seating area, with not a single seat free next to Her.

After working up some courage, and getting approval from Her to approach, i walked up to Goddess and introduced myself. Immediately She told me to sit, which in this case was on the airport floor, which i did without hesitation. This caused some of the people next to us to chuckle and laugh at me, but i was content with being Her little pet and sitting on the ground while we waited to board our flight ♥

Once we boarded, She asked what seat number we had and it turned out that i had a slightly better seat than Hers. She had me switch with Her so that She had the better seat in the front of the plane while i took Hers in the back ^_^ i felt like such a good subby sitting in the back while She had a row to Herself up front!

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful and we landed safe and sound in about an hour. I helped carry Goddess’ bag for Her, and got everything loaded into the trunk of the car. This is also where i learned the first very important lesson to always open the door for your Goddess (something that i continued to do for the rest of the trip ♥)

The rest of my time in Burbank / LA was pretty relaxing with and we spent some time going out to eat, hanging out in the pool and hot tub, hanging out with a couple of Her good friends, and going to the Alt Porn Awards! if you’d like to hear about the Alt Porn Awards and how that went, check out my previous post !

Heading back to Vegas

The morning after the Alt Porn Awards, we had gone back to Goddess’ home in Las Vegas. It was an absolute honor to be allowed in Her home and permitted to stay in Her guest quarters.

During the two and a half days that i stayed with Her, we were able to get into some fun =]

Day 1 – Relaxing + Seeing the Las Vegas Strip

The first day i was there, Goddess treated me to a night out on the strip since it was my first time in Vegas. Goddess and Her significant other drove us downtown and we were able to able to park and walk around the strip for a while! It was really cool to see casinos and downtown attractions, and i can definitely see the allure of spending a night out there partying ^_^

Day 2 – Pool Fun + Bimbo Minx’s first cam show

The second day was a bit more spicy 🔥

After i finished working remotely in the morning (i woke up early and continued to work my day job so that i could further support Goddess ♥), we went to this amazing pool of a friend that She knew. Apparently this place is rented out for all sorts of events, and it was awesome to be able to spend a couple hours over there with them. We had a cookout, played with an adorable pup, had a little bikini time in the pool, and attempted to stream until our phones overheated 🥵

red pool pic - bimbo minx and goddess lilith
red pool pic where goddess lilith and bimbo minx hung out

I will admit that i screwed up a simple shopping task for Her on the way over here, and felt awful about it. There was no excuse but my own fault here, and Goddess was not pleased. (more to come on this later)

So after the pool time, we headed back to Her place, and relaxed for a bit. Even though Goddess Lilith didn’t win the Alt Porn Award for best gothic cam model, She decided that we should still do a little cam show to celebrate for Her Xbiz award!

I proceeded to get dressed up in a little pink silk nightie, pink lingerie, stockings with bows on them, my pink wig and did my makeup. ^_^ Once the stream started, She also had me put on pink wrist cuffs, and then proceeded to put a collar around my neck, and had me open my mouth so that She could put in a pink ball gag.

From there She had me pull down my sleep shorts, and my panties, and proceeded to paddle me until my butt was super sore and red. She also had me thank Her after each paddle ♥

The stream went on for about an hour, and after my punishment and repentance for my earlier mistakes, i think we had a pretty good show! It was extra special for those of you that were there seeing as we had tech problems and lost one of the recordings. (super disappointing since it wasn’t recoverable and was an issue on the site we streamed at)

And then at the very end, we filmed a short clip of me, Goddess, and Her significant other that should be being published soon ^_^ I won’t spoil anything quite yet, but i think it’s the beginning of a fun story arch!

Admittedly one of my favorite parts of the night was Goddess telling me to leave the collar on and sleeping with it, which i was so happy to do. It felt right somehow, and made me feel special. I hope to earn the honor of getting one for real someday ♥

Day 3 – Last Day for Now

The next morning i again woke up early to do my day job. But afterwards i help Goddess begin to unpack Her luggage, packed up my things, cleaned up the guest room and the guest bathroom a bit, and then we went out for a dinner and a movie before my flight home.

We went to go see Sonic II in Theaters since Goddess Lilith was wanting to see this movie for a long time, and then we went out to eat at a nice seafood restaurant to wrap up our outing. We went to the airport, i grabbed my things, and then had a safe trip home ♥

Last Thoughts

As i mentioned in the beginning of this post, it was honestly one of the best weekends of my life. I have been wanting to experience a total power exchange (TPE) and Dominant/submissive (D/s) dynamic in real life for so long, and this was a great introduction and experience for me.

I’ll admit , I wasn’t perfect and likely am a bit green for someone as prestigious as Goddess Lilith, but i was so thankful for the opportunity and hope to earn the right to serve Her more in the future!

Please make sure to follow both Goddess Lilith’s and my socials for additional updates and pictures from our adventure!


Bimbo Minx