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My Bimbo Breast Implant Fundraiser!

Hey Everyone, this isn’t something I would normally post or ask of our community, but after receiving some discouraging news from my insurance company, I’m left to pay for my transition related procedures (such as getting breast implants, Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)…etc.) completely out of pocket. Trans healthcare in the united states is in a seriously bad state at the moment, which is why I’m doing a fundraiser.

I think it’s only fair to share with you a bit of my backstory before asking you for any financial support, so if you’re interested in reading about my story so far, check out the first section below!

My Trans Story So Far

Content Warning: Depression, Bullying, Self Harm (SH), Suicidal Idealization (SI)Please Skip to next section if you are struggling with this

If this is the first time you have come across my content, my name is Minx, and I have been struggling with gender for most of my life.

Beginning in childhood, I had always wanted to wear dresses, play with dolls, hang out as one of the girls during group activities…etc. But every time I tried to express those desires, society always discouraged it. From being told “those toys are for girls”, or being told “oh you’re a fairy now? don’t let anyone see you doing that” by family and friends, I had learned to suppress my feelings to an almost unhealthy level. As time went on, and I went through school, I felt like my personal identity became more of what I thought others wanted me to be, rather than what I truly felt inside.

I was always known as the shy kid in school, and by the time I reached high school, I was completely depressed. I would go days without talking with others, was bullied at school, and was mostly a loner who tried to just blend into the shadows since I felt ostracized by society.

This went on for quite some time, but I started to search about my feelings online and came across feminization stories, and learned about the concept of transgender. These stories became a passion for me! I must of read hundreds of different stories and community threads about people feeling the same way. I even looked up spells a number of times to magically turn me into a girl, hoping there was this magical thing in the world that has been kept hidden by society. (please don’t buy those drinks online claiming to turn you from male to female! lol)

Eventually I came out to my family and friends about these internal conflicts, and as with most of my life, I was met with instant resistance. My parents didn’t believe me and sent me to a therapist who dismissed my feelings as well, saying I don’t sound or look trans to them. This was disheartening but i did what I did best – suppress it further.

I went to college and continued to fight with my internal gender struggle, but didn’t bring up transitioning again until I was done with college. My family still wasn’t supportive at that time, and my mom actually said that she would rather be dead than see me go through this, and we mostly parted ways for a couple of years. (Later on I learned that she meant it as she didn’t want to see me get hurt, but that destroyed me for quite some time.)

So I moved to a different city and did my own thing for a while. As for the job I was working at, after being with the company for a year, and being on hormones to the point where changes were becoming noticeable, I eventually came out to my employer which handled it incredibly bad. I was the first person to go through this at a company of 1000+ employees, and they made me feel absolutely ostracized. I was talked about behind my back, other females in the company were fearful of me using women’s bathrooms, so I just waited to go home at lunch, or went to the most desolate bathroom in the building that no one used as to not burden anyone.

In addition, I wasn’t accepted by my team which made work miserable, and even the friends I thought I had abandoned me. I just got super depressed, and started to turn to self harm and even had thoughts of suicide. (Please Please Please – if you’re ever in this situation, please don’t be like my past self and attempt to navigate this yourself. Make a call to your suicide crisis center in whichever country you are in. Whatever you are feeling today is only temporary, and life WILL get better!)

All this negativity lead me to stop transitioning and hit the breaks on everything until I got back on solid ground. I made that call for help and eventually reached back out to my family for support. We had several heart to heart moments, and I moved back home for a bit to reconnect with my family. After some time, they came around are now very open about me expressing my true self. In fact, my parents are some of my biggest supporters and I’m closer with my mom than we have ever been in the past.

Enough with all that sob story though! I recently I resumed my transition at the end of last year, and have been back on hormones for 8 months now! I’m in a much better place than I was before and now have a very healthy and encouraging support network! In addition to transitioning, I also started to embrace my second major interest in life which is around BDSM and Kink ♥

My Fetish / BDSM Story So Far

I feel like another reason I was so fascinated in the feminization stories that I mentioned before, is because they often involve BDSM and Fetish related concepts. So while the transformation into a female strongly resonated to me, I also liked the forced and submission aspects where someone else helped make this my realty. This is how I started to get into kinks like forced feminization, bimbofication and dollification. But I also strongly related to the idea of being a submissive and serving a dominant female Goddess in a 24/7 sort of dynamic.

I started testing the waters a bit, and after some time, I eventually found my way to the amazing Goddess Lilith and she has been helping me make my fantasies a reality.

One of the things I really love is bimbofication, which i wrote about in my previous blog post What is Bimbofication And Why Do I Want It?

I think decades of suppressing my internal identity has made me want to show it off even more, and thankfully Goddess Lilith has been putting me on a path that really feels natural and congruent to what I want in life. I also love the idea of becoming Her bimbo slave girl and have been serving religiously for the last few months!

Between this and the transition, I’m happier than i have ever been in the past!

Okay Okay… but what is with the Bimbo Titties and wanting extra large breast implants?

Well that’s where this is all ties together into a cute little bow! I want to be a Bimbo and I want to become ultra feminine. I dream of having extra large breasts and the goal is to get the largest breast implants I can safely get! I have always fantasized about making this happen, and I really want it to become part of my permanent identity!

Since the insurance company decided to reject my claim as non-covered (meaning their is no way to dispute it), I’m left to pay for the entire operation out of pocket. I currently only have A cup boobs and I feel practically flat chested 🙁 It does a number on my self esteem and I don’t feel proud of my body as I would like to be.

That’s why I’m opening up a fundraiser asking for support for the community to help make this dream a reality for me.

How can I help?

There’s lots of ways to help! Both financially and free!

Donate $$$ on Loyal Fans!

I currently have an active fundraiser on my loyal fans where you can contribute funds to my goal! These funds are then set aside for the sole purpose of being used for my breast implants.

If you don’t have a Loyal Fans profile yet, you can sign up with my sign up link here! 💖

Tip 111 on Chaturbate – Donate to the Titty Fund!

Although the funds I raise on Chaturbate go to my Goddess and our bimbo adventures, she has added a special item on my tip menu (111 tokens) that goes directly to my titty fund!

You can find my profile on chaturbate here!

Have sessions with me on Streamate!

If you’re looking for a fun way to support my bimbo transformation, you can also have sessions with me on Streamate! I cam on there and have all sorts of kinky fun with people such as doing strip teases, playing with toys, sucking on dildos, and ultimately just trying to make your day/night a little bit better ^___^

You can find me over on Streamate here!

Promote and Engage with my content!

If you don’t have funds to contribute to my journey, no worries! I know these past few years have been tough on everyone and I don’t want to pressure anyone into donating.

One way to help me out is to like and follow me on social media, engage in my blog posts, participate in my chat streams, and just be an active Bimbo Minx follower 💖

What do you get out of this?

Well in addition to the amazing feeling that you’ll receive by knowing you’re helping a bimbo’s dream come true, these new titties will be shown off in all my future content! I also plan on keeping a list of all my supporters, and making a special thank you to you all following the procedure!

If you made it all the way to the end, thank you so much for reading this and a hug and kiss to you all!

Please keep in touch and I hope you enjoy my content!


Bimbo Minx

(read more about me on my about me page!)